Specialty Sessions

Specialty sessions are something new and exciting for the 2017 season! These sessions range from a few hours of theory & practical techniques to a half-day of adventure with cave or sled diving!  The specialty sessions were created by J-J to give the individual in a safe and fun way, a chance to expose and challenge themselves more mentally than physically, adding more tools to their box!


Sea Trekking:  Watch video here
This a great way to discover the Coastal water ways of our planet, a combination of Apnea & land-trekking, trialing special water tight “back-packs” with, h20, food,,etc for 1-3 days, go for just a day trip and explore, make "beach-base", relax, make lunch and then take a scenic trail back on foot!  Benefits: lots of fun, great learning experience and Ocean awarenes!
Instruction, use of back-pack & survival gear. Make base or camp over night on beach and take a scenic hike back next day!
1-day( 9:00-16:30)
Min: 3 pers
Skill level required: for everyone
Cost: 65
Note: Cost for over night treks (2-3 days) and for groups will be determined individually and upon ones needs.


Sled dive:
Relive The Big Blue with a fun and safe Sled dive!  Another great experience and training tool as it allows you to effortlessly go deeper (30 m) and stay down longer than just swimming down.
Because of the constant descent speed of the sled, equalization techniques becomes much easier to practice.
Learn to relax, stay focused and be aware of your diaphragm pressure at depth, listening to your "inner clock" and feeling your "dive reflexes"  
Instruction,  Yoga, breath-relax session, Sled / boat dive, water, snacks.
1/2-day (08:30-12:30)
Min: 3 pers
Skill level required:  Apnea-II
Cost: 55


Night dive:
Get rid of your Hollywood  fears and enjoy a fun night dive dive using moon-light and u/w lights. Discover nocturnal sea life as it comes alive! Take photos of moray eels and octopuses as they hunt
Great mental-confidence builder and very good buddy/ communication, safety & orientation training.
Instruction, U / W lights,  glow stick, guided coastal swim.
2-3 hr ( 19:30-22:00 )
Min: 4 pers
Skill level required: Snorkler
Cost: 40 



Do you have one "sticky" ear or cant clear after 5 m? Take a fun but serious half day of equalization theory with nose washing, mirrors, sound and balloons. Get a better anatomic understanding of your natural air spaces & passage ways and why & what happens during descent (Hydro-pressure) & ascent.
Benefits: learn to avoid "ear squeeze" using different & better compensation-techniques (valsava, franzel, revers packing,etc)
Instruction, theory,  material, use of mirror / oto-vent/ balloons.
3 hr (09:00-12:00 am)
Min: 3 pers
Skill level required: for everyone
Cost: 40
Equalization (Full day): 
Includes above course plus open water dive to practice your new equalization techniques and use of line & equip. 
Min: 3 pers
Cost: 70


Yoga & breathing:
Jacques Mayol was the first to understand the power of the mind during Apnea and to inter-grate yoga relaxation & breathing techniques with free-diving. Enjoy the morning with easy yoga, re-discover your breath through diaphragmatic awareness, learn to relax your body and calm your mind.
Better joint flexibility more hydro-fluid, safer & better way to ventilation the system, naturally & easier increasing your lung volume and performance. Lowers pulse and brain activity= saves O2!
Instruction, yoga, breath, relax-visualization, tec's,  mats, water, fruits.
2 hr   (8.30-10:30)
Min: 3 pers
Skill level required: for everyone
Cost: 30


Cavern swim through:
Famous beautiful area with caves & connecting tunnels (3-6 m) lots of light! Good sea life, sea beds, colorful walls & overhang. Dive down to Jacques Mayols tribute plaque (16 m) in grass bed.
Mental training & confidence builder for limited visibility and confined spaces.
Body awareness & swimming techniques.
Realizing your limitations and practicing good judgement!
Instruction, Yoga, breath-relax session, snacks, guided ocean swim / dive.
1/2-day:  (08:30-12:30) 
Min: 3 pers     
Skill level required: Apnea-II
Cost: 45


 Above courses are taught by Jean-Jacques Mayol and include:

  • Instruction: theory & open water training
  • Yoga/breathing, relax & visualization techniques, mats
  • Open water: confined training, swims & dives
  • Boat (Apnea IV, line / sled dive ) 
  • Equipment: Cressi, Omare & Mares
  • Snacks: water & fruits