Villa Glaucos

In today's competitive and stressful world our health and quality of life are top priorities to survive.  Villa Glaucos  is a safe place to relax, it´s a sanctuary of peace and tranquility and an Oasis to all your senses. It really is a place for everyone; couples, families and  clubs are all welcome here.  Explore our beautiful coast line and grounds, try some sports or just do nothing and relax in a Hammock or jacuzzi with the best Ocean view on Elba! Click homeaway or Air bnb to book Villa Glaucos.

Living Area : The center, Villa Glaucos is not just a house. It is also a home where once famous free-diver, Jacques Mayol lived!  It is a beautiful piece of architecture with stones, wooden beams, glass with sun light and ocean view in almost every room. It is a historical place with paintings, posters and objects re-telling Jacques life and career and offers a unique chance for all free-diving fans to see and relive the Big Blue!

There are 3 1/2  bed rooms, including a cozy loft and basement, four bath-rooms and two kitchens, all spaciously spread out that lead to a large dinning room, with sofas, pillows and the main place where people relax and unwind together. Eating outside on our large veranda overlooking, Tuscany, Monte Christi and Corsica,,makes everything taste better and at night you can sip some wine under the stars while rejuvenating your body in our whirl-pool!

Room Glaucos

Glaucos was a Greek prophetic sea-god, born mortal and turned immortal upon eating a magical herb. He became the first apnea diver. It was believed that he commonly came to the rescue of sailors and fishermen in storms, having once been a sponge diver himself.

Glaucos is a cozy, quite backside bedroom with vine yard view and private bath & kitchen.                                                                                                                      


Big Blue:
Dive down into two large and cool basement "budget" rooms (one window) First room with bunk bed (two pers) with large shared bath-room, shower & wash machine, a sliding door separate's connecting second room, with queen size bed and only window.


Jacs´ Loft:
Unique sleeping area with stunning Sea & vineyard view! Enjoy romantic Japaneses style bath room with ocean view. Includes kitchen with ocean view eating area. This was Jacques Mayol favorite room, with a seagull view of his beloved Monte Christo Island!


Villa Glaucos can be RENTED in two main categories.

ONE:  For people or groups who take activities (apnea etc) for a few days or a week. We offer them course packages and budget room prices!  

TWO: For families or small groups who want their privacy by renting the whole Villa.