About Sonja

Sonja is a certified yoga teacher with a degree in  physiology, biological psychology and neuroscience and is trained to understand the function & dysfunction of the human body. She offers personal training for managers and is the mental coach & Yoga trainer for several pro athletes.
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Jean-Jacques is the founder of Team Mayol and the son of Jacques Mayol!
His vision is to “Show” how all life is interconnected and to “Inspire” the protection of our living Oceans and Planet.  In 1992 he introduced a ”Mayol” Concept of how to rediscover yourself  though Apnea & Yoga without any spirit of competition, including meditation, breathing and visualization techniques and teaches this based in the interaction with Nature and Ocean!

Collaboration: Sonja & Jean-Jacques are offering a unique week on Elba Island!


                                           -----------  Dive Into Yourself  ----------

Rediscover yourself, re-charge and heal your mind and body!  Explore and discover our beautiful underwater world!   

Have fun while preparing, cooking and eating good healthy foods!