After spending more then a decade converting his father’s Villa and landscaping the grounds, Jean-Jacques Mayol has opened an exclusive “Diving / Nature” centre on Elba Island, Italy where he offers unique Apnea / Yoga experiences.  The Apnea-Yoga centre sits on top the sea cliffs of Calone, over looking Monte Cristo and is located in the wild and beautiful Calamite National park!

Jean-Jacques tells the story; For years my father had wanted to set a record in the Mediterranean, finding Alfredo ( Corsaro ) and his crew on Elba was the perfect match! After spending much time there Jacques fell in love with the Island and decided to make it his home.  One day he told me, lets go for a ride I want to show you a piece of land I would like to buy and build a house on.  

It was a place in the middle of nowhere, far to the east along the coast, right on top of the cliffs of Callone,,the view was stunning!  He told me, this shall be my eagles nest and I will call it Villa Glaucos. (after the Greek sea god "Glaucos") Meanwhile everybody was telling him,,Jacques,,save your money,,why do you want to live way out there?  There's nobody, nothing! Exactly, he said!!

And so, together with his father, "Papi" who was an architect, they designed and built Villa Glaucos.  It is constructed with great thought, with in and outside visualizations that over load the mind and senses!  From the terrace there is an unobstructed 180 degree view of the Sea and Monte Christo Island, which is  not very far from where Jacques conducted many of his experimental dives. Light penetrates into every room along with the every lasting blue sea.   

It is not just a house, it has become my home and Apnea / Yoga centre which I like to call; a living "Museum" as I have put up images and artifacts that reflect Jacques personal life, career and philosophy.  Our dream was to create a unique Apnea / Yoga center to bring together Ocean and Nature lovers from all over the world!  The Homo-Delphinus concept is alive and people are coming here, as far away as Japan to talk about it and enjoy free-diving.

  Together we are building a global "High Way" of brain waves, exchanging ideas and concepts of how and what we can do to create a better world, plse join us!