Apnea Courses


This is a short fun filled 2 hour session to discover our beautiful sea.  Its is for beginners and a good starting point to later move into Apnea.  If you have FEARS of water,etc., then this is a great chance for you to over come them!  Learn basic breathing, relaxation and equipment handling, mask / snorkel clearing and use of fins, then go for a guided swim and discover our coast-line and its creatures!   

Duration: 2 hr,  
Min: 4 person,
Includes equipment

 Cost: 25 euros   



This is a fun basic, non competitive introduction course to Apnea & the Sea. Easy yoga, re-discover your breath through diaphragmatic awareness. Learn to relax and calm your mind. Basic equipment handling and dive skills along with equalization techniques for ears & mask. Ocean awareness will make you ready to discover our beautiful under water world!

Full 1- day (08:30-12:00- break -14:00-16:30)
Intro, yoga-breath, relax, theory-equip-dive skills, o/w dive)   
Cost: 115


Gaining a higher set of dive & equalization techniques, deeper dive experience and a clear understanding of the physiological aspects of Apnea will take away stress & uncertainties so you can enjoy your diving more! With more Yoga, deeper diaphragm and intercostal movement comes better flexibility and ventilation, naturally & easier increasing your lung volume and performance. Relaxation & Visualization techniques. Ocean swims and buddy / procedures makes you feel confident and safe!

Full 2-days (08:30-12:00- break -14:00-16:30)
Intro yoga-breath, relax, theory-equip-dive skills, o/w dives)    
Cost: 220



This is the next step as things are coming more together for you! Advanced dive skills & equalization techniques & rescue skills . Yoga, advanced Breath Work, DRY- apnea training for time & distance, (great confidence builder!) Psychosomatic training, will keep your mind still, focused and in control of your body at all times. This, together with the knowledge and understanding of our mammalian dive reflexes will allow you to  become more aquatic and dolphin like!                           

Full 3-days (08:30-12:00- break -14:00-16:30)
Intro, yoga-breath, relax, theory-equip-dive skills, o/w dives)  

 Cost: 320


An extra fun day of Yoga / Surya (Sun Healing) Prana-Yama, Free-Diving, Adventure and a chance to relive *The Big Blue!!  morning session, deep relaxation, stretching & ventilation of the body & lungs with Pranic energy & Sun light! Improve your hydro-free-fall /& equaliz       tech's, use of line / target plate and more!  try one of two unique dive experiences!
Cavern: explore light filled swim- thru caverns and tunnels!  OR *Sled dive (max 30 m): a great way to experience constant speed, depth, bottom time and sensation of the ride! both dives are used as mental & physical training "tools" to safely over come fears & stress and are great confidence builders.

Full 4-days (08:30-12:00- break -14:00-16:30)
Intro, yoga-breath, relax, theory-equip-dive skills, o/w dives)
Cost: 385    


 Above courses are taught by Jean-Jacques Mayol and include:

  • Instruction: theory & O/W
  • Yoga/breathing, relax & visualization techniques, mats
  • O/W: confined training, swims & dives
  • Boat (Apnea IV, line / sled dive ) 
  • Equipment: Cressi, Omare & Mares
  • Snacks: water & fruits