Jacques Mayol also lovingly know as the “Dolphin Man” was a writer, sea researcher and famous free- diver, holder of a dozen world records and widely acclaimed for his pioneering work in the field of deep breath-hold diving.

In 1966 off of Free-Port, Bahamas he went past the “limit of no return” 60 meters.  Then in 1976 off the island of Elba, Italy in a historical record setting dive, he became the first man to go to the remarkable depth of 100 meters (330 ft) that lasted 3 min and 40 sec! This dive was the culmination of over 20 years of hard training, experimental and medical research and represents one of the greatest achievements in Sport and was attempted in the face of doctor’s predictions that Mayol would “for sure this time” collapse under the pressure.
And finally in 1983 at the age of 56 he achieved the depth of 105 meters.

Mayol was an explorer and adventure and did not like to be considered as someone seeking to become a “world Champion” for glory and monetary means.  However one award which he was very proud of and felt his diving career stood a lot for, was the “International Awards for Valor in Sports”.  In 1981, London, UK he was nominated for sustained valor in his conquest of a new frontier.  It is awarded to someone who is a path seeker;  someone who dares to go into the unknown to lead the way and find the truth.

And that is what he did. He said; “I have opened the door, just a little so others can follow and go beyond”. This phase in his career was later the subject of Luc Besson’s cult film “The Big Blue” (Le Grand Bleu)
Jacques knowledge and passion for free-diving, the Sea and all its creatures is revealed in his best selling book Homo-Delphinus, The Dolphin within Man and has been referred to as the “Bible of Free-Diving”.
Mayol’s book is about ‘The Way” of man’s spiritual connection to the Sea and reflex’s his own image, philosophy and way of life.

In resent years he had become very distraught about our beautiful planet’s health and “mans” greedy ways. Like many before him he pondered on what kind of changes man needs to do and what would really make “us” start to re-think and re-evaluate our ways, our believes and life styles for a better world.

Jacques believed that ALL life is inter connected. From the smallest grain of sand to the Galaxy and that as humans we must understand this and stop prioritizing what is best for ourselves  and seriously give thought and consideration to how we can live in harmony with all animals and each other.