Elba Island is a great destination for free- divers, nature and sport lovers.  It lays between Corsica and the Tuscany mainland and is part of the marine archipelago only 50 mins away by ferry from Piombino.  It is the third largest Italian island after Sardinia and Sicily, 30 x 20 km with over 129 beautiful beaches and coves to discover along its coast. 
It has the perfect terrain and climate for exploring with air temperatures between 16°- 30°C  and water temp 22-28 c, Jun-Oct!  The island is very lush and wild in many areas and is covered with the typical Mediterranean plants, flowers and large pine trees.  There is also a wide variety of wild life including Mountain Sheep and Boar.

On land it is rich in culture with a millennium of history including Roman Villas and Napoleonic dwellings scattered among the hills and pine forest. Today the island combines the beauty of the sea, the purity of the air and the fascinating classic Mediterranean villages. 
Elba is also where famous free diver, Jacques Mayol ( inspirator to Luc Besson’s cult movie, The Big Blue)  lived and conducted many of his historical dives in the waters right outside his “Villa Glaucos” now our Apnea -Yoga Centre.  It sits on top the cliffs of Calone, over looking Monte Cristo in the beautiful Calamite National park!  See you soon!