Welcome to Team Mayol and our Apnea / Yoga center located on Elba Island. Surrounded by the Sea and stunning Nature our location is the perfect place to learn free-diving and yoga!  Meet great people and experience Jacques Mayol's living museum.

For the 2017 season Jean-Jacques Mayol is excited to offer new Apnea, Yoga and specialty sessions. These range from snorkeler to advanced free diver to even using a free-divers sled. There is a level for everybody to enjoy! 
All Apnea / Yoga courses are taught by Jean-Jacques, who is a globally respected teacher & free diver with over 30 years of teaching and developing his own unique experiences.  He specializes in personal attention, teaching small groups in a relaxed and non competitive way. 

The courses and what you experience are a lot about discovering yourself and our beautiful underwater world using the Sea & Mother Nature as our medium.  I don't stress on depth or bottom time as this is just a small part of true free-diving. These things come naturally when the time is right. I focus on breath, relaxation and visualization; this is done through easy Yoga & Breathing techniques, which will help you be more relaxed and comfortable in the water.